28th Avenue Studios


When we moved to Portland from the Oregon coast 7 years ago we found a house where I would be able to build a new studio.  I had always had my studio at home so it seemed logical to continue to do so.   As a temporary measure until I could build a studio on our property I rented a space on the second floor of the U-Store-It Building.   As far as I can tell the building has been dedicated to some form of woodworking since it’s construction.  I would guess there are a dozen working studios with occupants ranging from artists to furniture makers  to machinists.   I appreciate the pool of knowledge available for questions, the help if you need it or lending help if needed, and good friendships that have resulted through my stay.  Now I don’t believe I would like to have my studio off on it’s private little own.  Here is a gallery of some of my friends from the “hole” – you may know some of them.

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