Cloud Shaft construction notes


The other piece I am currently working on is Cloud Shaft Mechanical Theatre.  Just like the High Wire MT this one is based on a truss which supports the piece.  The trusses are held together with with a lot of #2 x 56 threaded screws 3/16″ long.  They’re damned small.  I’ve dropped bunches of them on the floor never to be found again.  Once the trusses are machined screwed together they are really strong and become the backbone of the piece as it hangs on the wall.

In this picture I am working out the mechanics for bringing the tree / curtain assembly up and down.

Now the curtain blank, bird blanks, and top dome have been installed.

The curtain blank has been carved as well as the shaft forms.

I decided to paint the shaft forms / shapes with a white exterior and an inner gold interior.  They hang off a bearing in the in the dome top and down the center truss interior as seen next.


Most everything is installed and by resolving a few weight-balance issues it stays open.

Here it is closed.  All that is left is to make the pull.  My Wife and daughter came over to the studio and we decided it would look best red.

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