A Box For Books



My neighbor Joe wanted to collaborate and build a library for his front yard.  Not the full size kind – we pay taxes for those and the City of Portland does a great job. We were talking a little bit smaller.  Maybe you’ve seen them – they are known as “Little Free Libraries”, and are small house-like cabinets full of books that people place in their front yards.  “Take one, Leave” one is the motto.  I think Joe had a pile of books he’s read and saw the library as a great way to disseminate them.    The idea for the library was broached a year or so ago, and the only progress made was that I spotted and purchased a nicely sized window sash at a yard sale to use for the door.  We finally got it together and this fall our neighborhood branch opened for business.  It even survived the first full on Oregon rain storm with dry books.  That’s Joe on the left.


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