About Mechanical Theatres

Sometimes my Mechanical Theatres create a space for you to “stage” your favorite objects – be they small artworks, collections, or even botanical treasures.

Other times the Theatres become more Story Boxes, telling a tale for you to interpret as the viewer.  These pieces will sometimes have storage for small special objects.

The pieces are constructed out of solid wood except in instances where a rare piece of multi-veneered plywood is used.  Alaskan Yellow Cedar and Douglas Fir are my woods of choice for their great carving and stability characteristics.  I use some off-the-shelf metal hardware for the moving parts and do a lot of metal fabrication as well.

For coloration, I use authentic milk paints which have a fabulous satin finish.  I usually apply an initial undercoat color which shows through the topcoat finish when it is sanded and burnished.

After making furniture for many years I took a different tact with my making and began to focus less on function.  These kinetic sculptures encompass many of my interests: folk art, engineering, circuses, birds, kinetic movement, roadside attractions, and woodcarving to name a few.

I live with my wife and our 12- year old Rat Terrier, Ralph, in Portland, Oregon.


Email me at:   thughespdx@yahoo.com