Ball Chain Gear


Ball-Chain-Gear Tree-with-Ball-Chain-Gear

I found 3 of these brass ball chain gears at an estate sale and have put the first one to use.  I took it into Winks Hardware where they have help that knows the answer to everything hardware and the gear created quite a stir.  No one had ever seen on before.  As you can see the brass #6 ball chain seats perfectly in the gear.  I really like the gear being integral with the tree.

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  1. Paul

    Hi, am in Australia, at the moment starting on a prototype that involves small diameter belt / chain pulley system (diameter 8-10mm), but has significant tensile force /resistance in chain (approx 4kg force).

    please am requesting if you know a source or have any of these ball-chain pulleys outer diameter not exceeding 8-12mm, and shafts or sleeve shafts that go into them.



    • admin

      Paul, I have not tried them yet but Index-Raymor Tool Co. has ball chain spocket gears.


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