Simple Carousel Style Mechanical Theatres


I enjoy designing and crafting these simple carousel – style Mechanical Theatres.  This one is called “Orbit” and is about 11″ wide.  They are still pretty fussy to make, but there is less engineering and possible unplanned colliding parts to worry about.  The spinning copper display tray rides on nylon bushings lending a nice feel when one gives
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Tinwork Inspiration


One of my favorite books in my folk art library is “New Mexican Tinwork 1840 to 1940″ by Lane Coulter & Maurice Dixon , Jr. It is a great compilation of New Mexican tinwork items such as nichos, candle sconces, and picture frames attributed to different tinsmith artists by their signature designs and techniques.  Although I probably have unconsciously incorporated tinwork influence into
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A Green Tree Design Inspiration in Oregon – That’s out of the Blue


I’m on a green tree roll.  I enjoyed the shape and feel of the stylized green tree that I used in the most recent Mechanical Theatre “Curly Fir Box with Green Tree and Planets” so I incorporated another green tree into this piece.  It is actually a revisit of Tree Truss which you can see
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Fir Box With Green Tree and Planets

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This piece is 16″ square and about 6″ deep. The box is  made from a figured curly Fir board using finger joints for the corners. The other parts are milk painted Fir stock.  One can roll the curtain to either side by pulling on the machine turned aluminum balls.   The “nest trays” will rotate when the bottom handle is
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