Brass Machining



As one can tell from the frequency of my posts, I have not been producing too much artwork lately.  The reason is our old house has been requiring my time, leaving me yearning to get back to the studio.  Getting into the studio before summer starts is always a smart move, as the building heats up come July and August, and is miserable for a self confessed heat wienie.  So, I have found a bit of time lately to make a little progress on the next piece, which for want of a yet to be determined title, I will call Space Box.  It has many gears, and gears require bushings, which are best made from brass.  I want my work to operate a long time and metal sure wears better than wooden bearing surfaces.  Brass is so lovely to machine as it seems to need little cutting lubricant and the metal chips peel off like one of those Spiralizers you see on low budget tv commercials.  The next step will be to build the wooden box to accept the bushings which I will post a photo of when I get to that point.

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