Throne Bird Carousel style=

Throne Bird Carousel

(11”W x 17”H x 6”D) Wood, Metal, Milk Paint

I built Throne Bird Carousel after visiting Santa Fe, New Mexico and seeing all of the great tinwork there. Instead of hammering the tin, I crafted the individual metal pieces and applied them to the lovely curly Douglas Fir frame with small screws. I like how the individual metal pieces overlap giving some depth. This simple carousel has a pair of revolving display trays and is spun by way of the black and white dial set into the frame. There are short metal rods protruding from the dial that provide a good tactile surface for operation. The spinning spotted bird in the cage has a metal throne on his back with a golden egg in the throne.

Contact me if you are picking up locally and I will remove the shipping charges. Please Note: The shop will be closed until the first of May, 2023.  Any orders will be shipped in May.  Thanks!  For Sale: $1200.00