I think it will work?


I am nearly past the doubting Thomas phase of construction for the new mechanical theatre.  The fear I had was that the spiderweb of
trusswork would be too unwieldy to put together and would not lend enough rigidity to the piece as a whole.  It is always seriously awkward trying to connect up the metal work and you end up in some contorted wrist position holding a tiny nut that inevitably drops just before the threads start.  But after the appropriate number of curse words for the progress thus far, the piece is rock solid.  I shot this picture with the laser in use which helps keep things centered, plumb, and square.  For connecting the

truss members to the pair of boxes I elected to use tabs, which I first attached to the boxes.  The tabs ended up enabling a good strong connection.  The boxes are made from an old 4 x 6 piece of Douglas Fir which has some great grain show in the sculpted shape.

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