It’s Hard To Resist a Good Pod


Pod forms are great inspiration for sculpture.  Mother Nature is truly the “master sculptor” of form and we can script off her work in our own attempts at visual success.  Because I tend to fill my theatres with collections of seed pods and other “botanica” items, it made sense to begin to incorporate the shape into a piece.  The pod has been combined with some of my other favorites – a truss, a curtain, a cloud, and an ellipse car to carry the curtain in this mechanical theatre I am currently making.

Registration pins are the technique used in the indexed reassembly of multiple part foundry pattern molds.  Being a lover of old patterns and in awe of the craftsmen of this dying trade, using the registration pins to put the two pod form halves back together seemed natural (you can see the corresponding 6 holes on the inside face of each pod half).  Also incorporated is the process of gluing up the two halves of the pod with a sheet of newspaper in the joint, shaping the piece, then splitting it back in half on the newspaper joint.  The look of the left over newsprint is a great telltale of the trick.

The last shot shows the process of carving out the inside of the pod, creating a wonderful inner void for perhaps a small bird.

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