Black Tree White Tree Mechanical Theatre

(28″W x 39″H x 7″D) Pear Tree Branches, Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Metal (Brass, Lead, Steel), Milk Paint

This piece could also have been called Heaven and Hell but Black Tree White Tree MT is a good visual description. With it’s metal curtains, lower curtain mechanical cam assembly, and it’s chaos of pull chain in the upper trees there is a lot going on in this sculpture.

The framed elliptical windows have small metal figures in them that move up and down as you operate the theatre. The figure in the right hand window moves up and disappears while a figure appears in the left hand window.

In the upper branches there ended up being 5 birds as well as the upper curtain and the small figures in the windows to operate. It took a few bearings and a lot of pull chain to make it work. It also took a bit of counterweight. The white pull which is underneath the bird on the right hand side is packed full of lead dowel and the small fishing weight above the pull got it just right.

Contact me if you are picking up locally and I will remove the shipping charges. I would actually prefer a local pickup on this piece as it will be a bear to crate and ship.Please Note: The shop will be closed until the first of May, 2023.  Any orders will be shipped in May.  Thanks!  For Sale: $900.00