One Good Pod Deserves Another


 Things are good when you are able to have the time to go straight from one endeavor into the next.  Such is the case in working on my second pod – themed mechanical theatre, which as you can see is well underway.  I loaded it up with some botanica items laying around the studio for effect.  After a consult with my art advisor (my wife) we decided that the shape of the Onion Dome car was a little lame, and also that it should be golden.  So I remade the car with a little more tension in shape and used brass instead of aluminum.  (If I did not have at least one case of one step forward, two steps back I would be worried).  We decided a blue bird would look great with the gold colored car.  We also decided that a

yellow curtain would be best, so I swapped out the aluminum one for a wooden one that I could paint with Marigold Yellow Milk Paint (one more 1 step forward, 2 back – I’m cruising).  Because the wooden curtain does not weigh enough to balance in its’ vertical hanging position, I added some sheet brass to the back for ballast.  Simple pulls seem like they will work best with this piece so a pod shape repeat with a square and a round hole should work.

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