Started in 2001, Finished in 2011 For The Chair Affair


Recently I was asked to participate with other artists in an annual auction to benefit the Community Warehouse, a Portland, Oregon non-profit that helps local families in need with household goods like mattresses, linens, furniture, and kitchenware.  The annual auction is called the Chair Affair, but all types of furniture as well as chairs altered and/or decorated by artists are part of the event.  Rather than choose one of the donated furniture items from the warehouse, I choose to resurrect a bedside table left over from a series I made a decade earlier.  My work has changed in the last ten years and the thought was to add to the table and make it current.  During Cloud Break Mechanical Theatre construction I carved and painted an extra Black / White (or Awake / Sleep in this case) Swallow so one could be used on the Bedside Table.  An old unused knob was milk painted red, some metal was cut into an ornate ellipse shape and nailed onto a cloud form, the bird was inserted into an ellipse cut out, and – taa daa – a kinetic bedside table!  The auction will be April 28th and 29th in downtown Portland.  For more information check the Community Warehouse website .

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