Digital Art In The Pearl Skype or Facetime Availability Schedule for September 5-7, 2020


I will be available to accept Skype, Zoom, or Facetime calls in my studio all three days Art in the Pearl is open from 9AM until 6PM. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, to see more details of pieces, or just to get a look at my studio. It would be best
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Stick Picking


In the northwest people that pick greenery for florists are known as brush pickers.  I need branches, not greenery.  The easiest place for me to mine is my back yard.  The new piece in progress is called Black Bird / White Bird and it has a lot of branches.  The best branches have 3 trunk intersections
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Pulls for me are typically the last part of a piece of work be it furniture or mechanical artwork.  Furniture is a style decision - mechanical works have to have weight + design as the pull for the Cloud Shaft did.  I hollowed out the inside of this pull and filled it with #9 lead shot which is a great
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