I Like Pods and Onion Domes


I’ve nearly finished the Pod / Box Mechanical Theatre and am happy to share some Tom – shot details.  I have to wait to show a full shot until Kurt Mottweiler can come and take real photographs.  One thing about using shiny metal in my work is that reflections and hot spots make getting a
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Applying Decorative Metalwork to the Theatre


After sketching a swallow motif with leafed branches on a piece of box shaped black construction paper I decided to go for it.  I scribed, cut, and sanded the metal after making templates of the design, then nailed it on with small brass escutcheon pins.  Metal nailed onto wood has a great look to my
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High Wire Pull


I spent today putting the final touches on the High Wire Mechanical Theatre so that it will be ready for Portland Open Studios next weekend.  I had to restring the pulls on the actual #6 ball chain (the working model chain is all coupled together) and took pictures to show construction.  The pulls have great
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White Bird / Black Bird


In the last week I have been making steady progress on the current mechanical theatre, White Bird / Black Bird.  I mapped the branches out and chose their positions early in the week.   I also got the double sheave cam assembly done to raise and lower the bottom curtain.  This kind of mechanics are a
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Stick Picking


In the northwest people that pick greenery for florists are known as brush pickers.  I need branches, not greenery.  The easiest place for me to mine is my back yard.  The new piece in progress is called Black Bird / White Bird and it has a lot of branches.  The best branches have 3 trunk intersections
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Pulls for me are typically the last part of a piece of work be it furniture or mechanical artwork.  Furniture is a style decision - mechanical works have to have weight + design as the pull for the Cloud Shaft did.  I hollowed out the inside of this pull and filled it with #9 lead shot which is a great
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