Pile of Parts


I’m set to turn this pile of parts into my current finished piece, “The Big Picture”.  As long as I assemble them in the near future things should go smoothly – wait too long and you sit there staring at a piece wondering where it goes.  Or the sequence gets out of whack and the puzzle
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Applying Decorative Metalwork to the Theatre


After sketching a swallow motif with leafed branches on a piece of box shaped black construction paper I decided to go for it.  I scribed, cut, and sanded the metal after making templates of the design, then nailed it on with small brass escutcheon pins.  Metal nailed onto wood has a great look to my
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Please come join me at the artists reception December 3, 5-8 pm for Thomas Hughes:  Mechanical Theatres + Pinhole Photography:  Juried Exhibittion at the Brian Marki Fine Art Gallery 2236 NE Broadway, Portland, OR The show is up until Jan. 29, 2011 Brian, Carla, Tom, and Morgan are great hosts and supporters! We look forward
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