I Like Pods and Onion Domes


I’ve nearly finished the Pod / Box Mechanical Theatre and am happy to share some Tom – shot details.  I have to wait to show a full shot until Kurt Mottweiler can come and take real photographs.  One thing about using shiny metal in my work is that reflections and hot spots make getting a
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Started in 2001, Finished in 2011 For The Chair Affair


Recently I was asked to participate with other artists in an annual auction to benefit the Community Warehouse, a Portland, Oregon non-profit that helps local families in need with household goods like mattresses, linens, furniture, and kitchenware.  The annual auction is called the Chair Affair, but all types of furniture as well as chairs altered and/or decorated
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I think it will work?


I am nearly past the doubting Thomas phase of construction for the new mechanical theatre.  The fear I had was that the spiderweb of trusswork would be too unwieldy to put together and would not lend enough rigidity to the piece as a whole.  It is always seriously awkward trying to connect up the metal work and
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