White Bird / Black Bird


In the last week I have been making steady progress on the current mechanical theatre, White Bird / Black Bird.  I mapped the branches out and chose their positions early in the week.


I also got the double sheave cam assembly done to raise and lower the bottom curtain.  This kind of mechanics are a bit out of my usual repertoire. Accomplished automata makers would probably do it with their eyes closed.  The mechanism works very smoothly after a bit of fussing.

For attaching the branches to the box in a dependable manner I borrowed what has to be the best machine possible for the task – a horizontal boring machine.  One of my friends on our hall of studios, Jason Hernandez, was kind enough to loan it to me for a while.  Jason is an award-winning furniture designer and is currently working on these very interesting parquentry panels.  See his work at www.jasonandrewdesigns.com  I bored the branches, then the box at the right angle, inserted 3/8″ aluminum dowel with threaded holes on the ends and Voila!

Tonight I finished up having gotten some bearings in place and can begin to see what the piece will look like.

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